The Duchenne Research Fund are pleased to announce that the University of Newcastle is now recruiting for a clinical psychologist to work with Duchenne patients and their families as part of the DMD Care UK Psychosocial Programme.

This clinical and research-based role will form a crucial part of the project over the next three years, which aims to dramatically increase psychosocial standards of care for children and young adults with Duchenne, and their families.

The candidate will work closely with neuromuscular consultants as well as a neuropsychiatrist, to enable them to become a Duchenne specialist and have significant impact on Duchenne standards of care. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with a second clinical psychologist who will soon be recruited into a similar role in London.

Both candidates will have the support and guidance of the DMD Care UK Psychosocial working group that has been convened through DMD Care UK, bringing together leading Duchenne muscular dystrophy experts and representatives from across the Duchenne community. Together they will work to ensure that the evidence and recommendations generated in the course of the grant are channelled towards the broader aim of improving psychosocial standards of care for Duchenne in a sustainable way across the UK.

DMD Care UK was launched in October 2020 by Duchenne UK and Newcastle University to improve standards of care in all aspects of Duchenne muscular dystrophy across the UK. The project works with the North Star Network through expert working groups to ensure reach and engagement across the whole of the UK.

The Psychosocial Programme part of DMD Care UK is being funded by the Duchenne Research Fund, which has awarded a total of £640,000 to fund the two psychologist posts, the neuropsychiatrist support, and admin support for the roles.

Duchenne UK and the DRF will work closely together to ensure that the outputs of the project will be widely shared and incorporated into improving the care of each and every child and their families in the UK.

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