DMD Care UK’s new cardiac care recommendations have been published in the BMJ Open Heart journal.

All Duchenne parents and caregivers are being urged to read the new guidance and share with their networks, as protecting the heart early is crucial to preventing unnecessary deaths. Leading cardiologists, Duchenne specialists and patients and caregivers came together to produce the recommendations, which are based on evidence and clinical expertise.

The guidance recommends that children with Duchenne have yearly heart checks through ECGs and ECHOs from age 6, and start heart medication by age 10 as a preventative measure. It also recommends that female carriers have heart checks at least every 3-5 years.

The Duchenne Research Fund is pround to fund the DMD Care UK project, which is making exceptional progress in improving standards of care for people with Duchenne and their families across the UK.

Read more here from our friends at Duchenne UK, who spearhead the DMD Care UK project.

The full publication is available at:

Thank you as always to our co-funders Duchenne UK and Joining Jack for their tireless work for the community.

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