We are pleased to share that the EMA (European Medicines Agency) has recommended the approval of Vamorolone – the first ever treatment for all patients with Duchenne.

Vamorolone is an alternative to corticosteroids. It was developed with the aim of maximising the benefit of steroids while minimising any side effects. It will be sold under the brand name AGAMREE for the treatment of Duchenne patients aged 4 and over, with no upper age limit.

The Duchenne Research Fund played a significant role in the development of Vamorolone. Together with our friends at Duchenne UK and Joining Jack, we contributed to the funding of the $2.1 million Phase 1 clinical trial of Vamorolone, which enabled ReveraGen BioPharma to win a £6 million EU Horizon 2020 grant to continue its research into Phase 2 and beyond.

Corticosteroids are part of daily life for many boys and young men living with Duchenne, however the side effects can be significant. The approval of Vamorolone is an important step forward, and also marks the first time a treatment has been approved for all Duchenne patients regardless of mutation.

Vamorolone is now under review by the MHRA for approval in the UK, and will also be evaluated by NICE to determine if the treatment will be made available on the NHS.

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